White Wedding Cakes with Unique Contemporary Look

White Wedding Cakes – How to Add a Modern Edge to Your Cake

All white wedding cakes are an eternally favorite option, and white is, currently, an extremely trendy color for a unique wedding theme – therefore, it is not unusual to experience a switch from the vibrantly colored toppings and a return to the classic white wedding cakes. This brings modern brides in front of one great dilemma – how to create a unique contemporary look with white, without your cake looking outdated?

Some Tips on How You Can Add a Stylish Edge to the White Wedding Cakes

  • Go with lace-effect topping. Have the cake made in a light pastel of your theme color and then include a white lace effect topping on top. This way, you’ll have the impression of a white cake, with just a shine of color, and it is the perfect choice for a vintage wedding.
  • Use a monochrome contrast. The black and white combination continues to be very popular and, just by adding a few black flowers, polka dots or a black swirling design, you can bring your wedding cake right up to date.
  • Include a ribbon. This is one of the most basic accents for white wedding cakes, but a simple ribbon in your theme color, twisted around the bottom of every cake tier, will give your wedding cake a beautiful modern and sophisticated look.
  • Add fresh flowers. You can easily bring your white cake to life with some colorful fresh flowers. If you’re using a pillared cake stand, then you can pile white roses between the tiers to cover the pillars. In case you’re putting the tiers one on top of another, consider adding white peonies across the foundation of every tier.
  • Use pearl and crystal accents. Pearls and crystals are very appropriate for accessorizing white cakes, since they add a fresh look without putting in color. You can select gems that match your gown and place them across the cake tiers, or simply decorate the cake stand itself with gems.
  • Imitate your wedding dress detail. White wedding cakes provide the perfect chance to use the fine detail of your wedding dress in the cake design. Gown details such as beading and embroidery can me simulated using sophisticated iced flowers, piping, or appliqué patterns.
  • Use white adornments. White wedding cakes don’t have to be simple. They can be decorated with all kinds of white adornments like flowers, lovebirds, tulle bows or butterflies, to add texture and appeal.

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