Wedding Cakes in California, Marry Like the Stars!

Wedding Cakes in California, ‘Glitter’ and ‘Elegance’ everywhere

Wedding cakes in California are in a way different from the cakes served in other parts of the country. From the Old World traditional design to the more modern decorations, they are a work of art, combining decorating talent and pastry artistry.

Tradition and Style

Many of the delectable recipes used for wedding cakes are transmitted from generation to generation and continuously refined. The freshest ingredients, imported and domestic as well, are meant to create the best tastes and flavors.

Wedding cakes in California are the evidence of passion and love, from the first inspiring moment to the final form of the cake. Most confectioners use eggs and milk from local farms and dairies, to be sure that nothing alters the taste and the texture of the final product. The cakes are freshly baked and extensive care and attention is paid to provide the customer with a lasting impression of high quality.

Many of the wedding cakes in California have adorned the ceremonies of celebrities from the film, music and fashion industry. Their fabulous flavors and fillings, the delicious custom made frosting meant to fit even the most refined tastes, have made California pastry chefs famous everywhere.

Taste and Art

The wedding cakes in California and not only, have to reach the peak in both design and taste. Just as the wedding reception is, a one in a lifetime event, the cake is just as important and should symbolize the beauty, the love and the happiness of the newlywed couple.

Depending on the texture, glazing and filling, the cakes can be enriched with fresh berries, vanilla sticks, sweet cream butter and Belgium chocolate.

Tradition requires the wedding cakes to be white, but modern designs tend to break away from the rules, so don’t be afraid to order shades of pink, yellow, cream or even green if your wish. If you prefer chocolate, the cake does not have to be brown, as it can be covered in white chocolate, sugar glaze, marzipan or white fondant.

The decorations may include jewels, gum-paste flowers, appliqués, or royal-icing details. Fondant, as a form of wedding cake, is extremely creative, because it can be molded into various shapes or cut into exquisite designs and it comes with a remarkable, very appreciated, glossy finish.

Wedding cakes in California are real works of art, made to satisfy the most pretentious demands.

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