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Hundreds of Relevant Wedding Cake Pictures to Find the Ideal Match for You

Wedding cake pictures is really what you need when looking for your ideal cake. You are getting married and have reached the point where you need to choose the right wedding cake, so you naturally want to browse through as many wedding cake pictures as possible. You want to be aware of how wide your array of choices is, and indeed the choice array is generous.

Whether it is about the design, the flavor, filling or icing, wedding cake providers prove to be truly creative and often true artists. Once you start browsing through cake pictures, it may be difficult to stop, since wedding cake designs are always catchy, and some even stunning.

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We invite you to browse through the wedding cake pictures on our website, where you can see the art of a very large number of wedding cake providers. You can find square or round-shaped cakes, higher or shorter ones, cakes decorated with ribbons or flowers, in fiery colors or pastel ones, frosted cakes or cupcakes.

You can look at a variety of toppers and decide if you want a funny wedding cake topper, an ethnic one, one conveying romance or maybe a sports topper. Each design detail can make a huge difference, and that is why you want to see the wedding cakes you can choose from, aside from knowing their flavor options.

Whether you want something simple and elegant or something extravagant, browse through the multitude of wedding cake pictures on our website and you will surely find something to match your preferences perfectly.

You can look through our wedding cake pictures and check out various vendors before taking a decision, because the wedding cake tradition is quite an important one.
Did you know it is centuries-old?

Wedding Cake Traditions and Meanings

In Medieval England, the bride and the groom faced the challenge of kissing over a high stack of cakes, as managing to do so would have ensured them a prosperous life. Actually, the cake tradition can go back as far as Ancient Rome, where good fortune was brought to the couple by breaking bread over the bride’s head. There are many symbols and superstitions surrounding the wedding cake. In traditional American weddings, maidens pull ribbons attached to the bottom layer of the cake to see who gets the ribbon with a charm or a ring, hence who is next to get married. In other parts of the world, it is said that breaking the cake over the bride’s head brings fertility.

Whatever tradition you feel attached to, you want a beautiful cake at your wedding. Pictures of whichever tradition being practiced will look great and most of all, pictures with you as a newlywed couple cutting the cake together will be timeless.

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