Wedding Cake Ideas for Trendy Weddings

Wedding Cake Ideas for Different Trendy Wedding Themes

Looking for wedding cake ideas for your trendy wedding? The wedding cake is bound to gather a lot of attention at any wedding reception, therefore, the brides that want a themed marriage ceremony should take the time to go through several wedding cake ideas and designs in order to make sure that the cake matches their chosen theme. There are many aspects of the cake that can be personalized to match your theme, such as the flavor, the tiers’ shape and size, the color of the topping, the type of topper and the adornments.

Listed below, are a few wedding cake ideas to match trendy wedding themes.

  • Vintage weddings – There are countless ways to match a vintage themed wedding, but a modern choice is the three layers fruit cake with soft pink icing and with a white lace-effect topping on the top. A simple, white cake can be easily embellished with antique gems, ribbons, dark red or pink flowers to give that so sought after vintage impression.
  • Traditional weddings – For a classic and traditional wedding theme, you can choose a layered white cake adorned with fresh flowers. For a contemporary twist, you can use some fondant roses around the tiers, in order to cover the cake supports.
  • Monochrome weddings – Black and white weddings are still trendy, and a cake in the same tone can be quite stunning. Choose a cake with different patterns for every layer, such as diamonds, checks and stripes. You might find it difficult to find fresh black flowers, but, for the cake, you can use black fondant flowers or ribbons.
  • All white weddings – Simple white weddings are back in style, and numerous wedding cake ideas propose significant changes in the cake structure to create appeal. You can pick a basic three layers cake in a caramel or toffee flavored sponge, and have it covered completely in white chocolate flowers.
  • Beach weddings – For a beach themed wedding, you can have your cake iced in soft blue and decorated with white-icing shell and star fish patterns. Then again, sunny yellow defines an actual statement, and white wave styles circling the layers can also add variety. You can use light sponge flavors like carrot and lemon, some of the most popular for the white wedding cake ideas, because they fit perfectly with the atmosphere of a beach wedding reception and they take away worries like the cake melting down in the hot sun.

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