Most Popular Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding Cake Designs as an ornamental feature

Wedding cakes are not only a dessert for your guests, but also as an ornamental feature. Due to that, the wedding cake designs see continuous updates.

A list of the most popular wedding cake designs

  • Ice-cream wedding cakes – For simple wedding taking place in the summer, an ice-cream cake is the ideal option. Lemon, strawberry and white chocolate are the most favorite flavors for an ice-cream cake, just be cautious not to keep the cake outside the fridge for long, otherwise it may melt.
  •  Monochrome wedding cakes - Black details with white icing have been trendy for a while now, but, this season, monochrome cakes are brought up to date with a little color like pale red, bold ribbon, or orange and pink flowers.
  •  Wedding dress inspired cakes - There is a rising tendency to grounding the wedding cake patterns on the wedding gowns. White, cream and ivory cakes are recovering appeal, and these are being embellished with diamonds, flowers, pearls and gems, to simulate the bridal gown.
  • Bold motifs and strong color wedding cake designs - For those brides that prefer something distinct to the classic white cake, bold motifs and strong colors, like polka dots, are very trendy right now. The colors of the cake can be decided to match the wedding theme; going with a darker color of the bridesmaid gown color is frequently successful. Big unique designs, like flowers, can expand around the cake tiers to provide beautiful effects.
  • Wedding cake designs with metallic adornments – Metallic influences are sneaking in all the areas of wedding design, including cakes. Icing, ribbons and various ornamental characteristics come in classic gold and silver, or more modern metallic shades, like bronze, pink and pewter.
  • Jeweled wedding cakes – Wide pieces of jewelry are updating fresh flowers as the utmost trendy method to decorate your cake and to link the cake design with the wedding theme. This tendency is especially best for the winter season or for the night wedding ceremonies, where the jewelries glow under the lights.
  • Calligraphy wedding cakes – This cake tendency with writing on comes after the design of black and white cakes, because they are usually white cakes with dark iced writing. Some young couples select a simple word or phrase, while others choose to have their favorite poem or verse written beautifully on their wedding cake. Calligraphy wedding cake designs are meant for romantic couples, who want a simple cake, but with a great meaning for them.

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