Square Wedding Cakes, great flavors

Fondant, whipped cream, buttercream and other great square wedding cakes.

When planning a wedding, each detail is important and even choosing between square wedding cakes and round-shaped ones may be a tough decision. The variety among these cakes is amazing, even with the shape remaining the same. Actually, this type of cake is the perfect platform for conveying the theme of your choice.

Square wedding cakes can be made of pretty much everything, although they are most commonly mud cakes, fruit cakes or anything that has a more solid structural strength. Square wedding cakes with a single tier may be made of a softer sponge cake and are appropriate for smaller, more intimate weddings.

The most common decorations for wedding cakes are handmade sculptured figures, which can make the cake topper, decorative pearls, handmade and fondant icing, fancy scrolls, ribbons and flower bouquets, silk and fresh ones. What is great is that even plain white square wedding cakes can look amazing, which can become the best choice for you if you prefer a simple and elegant cake. However, where decorations are concerned, these are the general trends:

  • softened edges are preferred, rather than sharp ones;
  • sugar flowers go well on these cakes;
  • thin decorations and pastel colors give an elegant look to the cake;
  • light colored ribbons and mild colors for decorations in general are best for square wedding cakes.

When deciding on the type of frosting, one can choose a single kind or a combination of frostings and fillings. The most common frostings for square wedding cakes are fondant, gum paste, buttercream, whipped cream, ganache and royal icing. Fondant is the most popular frosting, and there are two forms in which it will be used: poured (for coating or filling) and rolled. Gum paste resembles fondant, only it is harder and it is perfect for ornaments such as flowers, bows and butterflies, as it is very pliable and hardens quickly. Made of powdered sugar and fat, buttercream is considered one of the tastiest of frostings and it can be used for covering the cake, as well as for decorations. With its fluffy consistency and white color, whipped cream is great for wedding cakes. Finally, ganache is a simple mix of heavy cream and melted chocolate, to which liqueurs or various extracts can be added for flavor, and it can give a shiny glaze to the wedding cakes or it can make a fluffy frosting, depending on how it is prepared.

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