Modern Wedding Cakes if you like everything modern

Modern Wedding Cakes Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Modern wedding cakes can add great value to your wedding celebration. If you like everything modern and you are planning your wedding, apart from choosing the flowers and the bridal gown or shoes, you will also pay particular attention in choosing one of the many tasty and appealing modern wedding cakes.

The Variety of Tastes and Designs

Until you begin to browse online wedding cakes galleries, you can hardly imagine how far the designs can go, how varied and beautiful modern wedding cakes can be, not to mention the shapes and the colors they can take. Amazing constructions and decorations, surprising textures and fillings, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from, in order to turn the dessert for your wedding into an unforgettable delicacy.

How did wedding cakes get so far? People love to stand out, to be unique, and, just like many brides gave up the traditional long white wedding dress in favor of shades of pink, blue, cream or turquoise, many couples gave up the white whip cream cake in favor of chocolate, fondant or fruits, the round shape in favor of the square, of the heart or of the fountain cakes.

The old gum paste roses and sugar glazing were replaced with natural roses, pearls and silk or satin ribbons, to such an extent that the modern wedding cakes are so beautiful that you almost feel sorry to cut them.

They are no longer the product of a local pastry shop, but rather the work of art of pastry chefs, a statement of beauty, delicacy and elegance, bound to borrow part of its greatness and sweetness to the event it is meant to celebrate.

Modern Wedding Cakes Types

The shapes and designs that wedding cakes can take are enriched with new ideas every day. Their design is every day more daring, brought to life by irresistible figurines, ribbons, fondant creations, or flowers.
However, the ever trendy cakes remain:

  • The traditional wedding cakes;
  • The flavor-based cakes;
  • The frosted cakes;
  • Cupcakes.

Traditionally, wedding cakes are white, with decorations and varieties of icing like almond, butter cream, etc. The flavor-based wedding cakes may taste like vanilla, strawberries or chocolate.
Frosted cakes are appreciated for their large amount of cream, while cupcakes come in a large variety of forms. Weddings on a budget may choose to have smaller or individual cakes, because they are more cost-effective.

With the modern wedding cakes ideas, there is no doubt that, no matter what you choose, it will be the final touch to a perfect wedding, one that neither you nor your guests will forget.

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