How to loop video snaps in Snapchat 2018 Tutorial

Once Instagram’s GIF-like Boomerang clips took off, it was only a matter of time before snapchat hack tool added a similar feature. Just tap the repeat icon on the right after shooting a video, and then your friends will get a video they need to tap to pass, rather than one that simply ends. How to snap better at night When you’re taking photos in dark areas, a moon icon will appear in the upper left corner, next to the flash icon. Tap on this icon for brighter photos and videos, so it will be easier for your audience to see what’s going on.

How to add emojis and stickers to your snaps Click on the sticker icon at the top of your photo or video when you’re editing it to bring up the emoji sticker sheet. You can add as many emoji as you and, as well as pinch and zoom them to your heart’s content. How to delete stickers from your snaps So now that you’ve place some stickers, you might have realized one doesn’t work and you want to remove it. Rather than start over from square one, tap and hold on the sticker and drag it up to the trash can icon.

Once the trash can gets slightly larger, release your finger to delete the sticker. Snapchat can be your portal to the world, and its new Snap Map view lets you share your location and see what’s happening in specific regions. From the camera view pinch the screen to reveal a See The World screen. Then, tap Next and select your privacy setting: Only Me (Ghost Mode), My Friends or Select Friends.

After tapping Finish, you’ll see a map view of your city, which you can pinch and pull to zoom out and in from. This way you can see what people are doing in the next town over, or get a peek at your next vacation destination. You might want to use Ghost Mode, though, if you don’t want Snapchat to be constantly sharing your location. First introduced as a part of animated face filters, Snapchat’s voice filters can now be added on their own.

This way you can modify the way you and your friends sound in videos. Current options include chipmunk (our favorite), robot, alien and bear (which sounds super creepy). Just record a video snap and tap the speaker icon to preview your options. How to use Snapchat’s backdrops If you don’t have wallpaper that you like, Snapchat has you covered with its new backdrops. Just take a snap, tap the scissors icon, tap the diagonal lines icon, select a background by tapping on the vertical list and then drag your finger over yourself to erase the design so it doesn’t cover your face.

Tap the scissors icon again and you’re done! How to change colors with Tint Brush The wacky, wild and often altered world of Snapchat allows you to change everything from your voice to your face, so it’s only natural that they’d add a color adjustment option. After you shoot a photo in the app, tap on the scissors icon and select a color by dragging your finger up and down the slider.