Elegant Wedding Cakes spread fanciness everywhere

Elegant Wedding Cakes make your wedding unforgettable

The final touch to a perfect celebration, elegant wedding cakes are more than just pastries or desserts, they are works of art.

When it comes to planning your wedding day, one of the first things you worry about, is choosing a delicious, beautiful and elegant cake.

There are many types of elegant wedding cakes you can choose from, all of them with something special, but here are this year’s tendencies.

Types of Elegant Wedding Cakes

The white cake is the traditional choice for many couples. It will never lose its charm, as, just like the wedding dress, it comes with important meanings, such as purity, new beginning, peace, happiness and love. In terms of decorations and flavors, they leave freedom of choice, the most popular being:

  • The decorations based on pearls and sugar glaze;
  • The decorations made with the glaze itself;
  • The silk or satin ribbons;
  • The sugar glaze flowers and shapes.

Wedding cakes with waterfalls are used more often nowadays, because they are very interesting and attractive, not just delicious. Many couples choose this type of wedding cake because it looks original and can be a great touch for a themed wedding. For example, for a tropical wedding theme, the location can be decorated with palm trees, flowers, boats or seashells, the cake being the waterfall missing from the picture.

Some of the most elegant wedding cakes, the ones imitating waterfalls leave just as much freedom of choice as their more traditional versions, being available in both chocolate and whip cream and taking various shapes and heights.

Elegant Wedding Cakes are Tasty

Just as the design is important, the taste has to be fabulous too, because no one will appreciate a beautiful cake that is too sweet, too dry or not flavored enough. With this in mind, when you order your wedding cake, make sure that you taste several recipes and choose something:

  • Made with natural ingredients;
  • Not too dry and not too sweet, so that it can be eaten with pleasure;
  • Appropriate for the rest of the menu, as adding extravagance after a simple, traditional menu is not always a good idea.
  • Appropriate for the season, like fruits and ice cream in the summer or chocolate or marzipan in the winter.

In the end, you have to choose, not necessarily one of the most elegant wedding cakes, but rather the one that meets your expectations in terms of taste and design, the one that you would love to enjoy after a full day and the culinary adventure that every wedding reception represents.

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